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Iams nutritional Philosphy

Find out why Iams nutrition makes a big difference in your kitten’s diet.

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Kitten 101: The Basics


What do you need to know about adopting a kitten or cat?
Our expert videos give you practical guidance for how to make your new feline friend feel like a member of the family.

  • How to litter-box train your cat

    How to litter-box
    train your cat

  • Kitten and cat adoption basics

    Kitten and cat
    adoption basics


Nutrition to Get Them Ready to Grow

Kittens have different dietary needs than adult or senior cats. And the right nutrition can help your eager kitten grow up healthy and happy. Iams® kitten food has all the essential ingredients they need. You just add the love.

  • Brain Development

    Brain Development Growing kittens undergo rapid neurological changes.
    Omega-3 DHA from fish oils promotes brain development.

  • Muscle Development

    Muscle Development Kittens have a 73% higher protein requirement than puppies.
    Our food provides the high quality protein that allows for healthy growth.

  • Digestion

    Digestion A tailored fiber blend of prebiotics and beet pulp
    supports healthy digestion and the ability to absorb nutrients.

  • Bone Strength

    Bone Strength Essential minerals and vitamins, including Calcium, Phosphorus,
    Magnesium and Vitamin D, help build strong bones.


Choose the Food That’s Right for Your Kitten

  • Iams® ProActive Health™ Kitten

    Made with select natural ingredients, ProActive Health provides
    nutrient-rich nourishment fortified with prebiotics. Designed to promote
    healthy vitality, it’s 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your kitten.

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  • Iams® Premium Protection™ kitten

    Premium Protection is our most advanced kitten food, carefully
    formulated using only the highest-quality ingredients. It’s everything
    your kitten needs, without any added fillers or artificial colors.

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  • Iams® ProActive Heath™ Premium pate with Gourmet Chicken

    This Premium Pate is the same great nourishment of ProActive Health
    made with a slow-cooked recipe and real broth. Now you can give
    your kitten the taste and nutrition of a homemade meal with every can.

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Learn More About Raising a Kitten

Learn More About Raising a Kitten

Explore their unique needs, from kitten
health to behavior, in this selection of
helpful articles.

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Your Guide to Kitten Breeds

Your Guide to Kitten Breeds

From American Shorthair to the exotic
Sphynx and Tonkinese, get details on
over 50 unique cat breeds.

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