It's Showtime! Tips for Entertaining Your Adult Cat

Feeding an excellent diet is only one aspect of being a great cat owner. For a cat to thrive and truly be happy, she needs to be mentally stimulated and physically active as well. Here are some ways you can entertain your cat, while nurturing that lovely pet-owner bond at the same time.

It’s important to remember that cats descended from predators. Inside your cute little companion is a cunning hunter ready to pounce! Luckily, these days cats just want to play with us. But if all that energy isn’t used, then it’s possible for your cat to become overly aggressive. That’s why toys are such great tools for entertaining a cat. Store-bought toys are great, but even a rolled-up pair of socks will work in a pinch. It’s even more effective if you tie a string around them. Cats enjoy chasing or batting at anything that’s attached to a string. Plus, it’s more fun for you when you’re in control of your cat’s reactions, and also helps strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Now let’s say you have to work and need to leave your cat home alone for several hours. Relax, cats are naturally curious. All you need to do is leave some common household items around for them to play with. For example, a cardboard box is a world of fun to a cat. She can explore it, pounce on it, rub against it and more. For even more fun, put a rubber mouse or other such toy inside the box. Cats have quite a playful imagination and love hiding places. Remember to rotate your cat’s toys so she doesn’t grow bored with the same ones over and over.

A scratching post is another great tool that will keep your cat from clawing your furniture. As you know, cats love to groom themselves and are quite particular about their appearance. Sharpened claws are the cat equivalent of a manicure. If your cat has a diva personality, this is one beauty care toy she can’t do without.

Of course, your cat will most likely be entertained when spending time with you, her caring owner. Be creative! Even your finger can be a fun toy to a playful cat. A good rule of thumb is to try and have at least two 10-15 minute play sessions a day with your cat. By following these tips, your cat should be a happier and friendlier feline.