Seven Super Tips for a Great Life

There's nothing as adorable as a fluffy new kitten or cat. Make sure her introduction to your family goes smoothly with this important information.

At IAMS, we hear from owners who want the best for their cats. After all, cats are part of our families! The answers to the most frequently asked questions below can also serve as useful tips and cat health information to help you give your kitty a wonderful life.

1. What should I ask my veterinarian?

Amy Shojai, author of Complete Kitten Care (New American Library), suggests asking the following questions about cat health information:

  • What medical care is required for the first year?
  • When should I neuter/spay?
  • What are "normal" kitten or cat behaviors?
  • How can I meet her nutritional needs?
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2. What should I feed my kitten,and when should I give her adult food?

IAMS® Kitten Food is packed with wholesome nutrition that will give her a healthy start. When she's about one year old, make a gradual change to adult food.

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3. How often should I bathe her?

Start when your kitten or cat is new to your family, then bathe her only when her coat is dirty or contains a foreign substance. Bathing too often removes essential oils and dries out her coat.

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4. How can I keep her from clawing my furniture?

Interrupt the behavior with a rattle can. Fill an empty soda can with pennies and tape the top shut. Shake the can or toss it near her. The noise will distract her and teach her that some behaviors result in loud noises. Also, give your cat a "legal" claw target, such as a scratching post to lessen her urge to claw the furniture.

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5. What cat toys are best?

Regularly scheduled playtimes work wonders for her exercise and to help the two of you bond. Toys that don't have sharp edges and can't be swallowed are best. Get a cat tree,you'll love watching her climbing antics. Balls of yarn do not make good toys because of choking and swallowing hazards.

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6. What's the best way to bond with her?

Most cats love to be groomed, so regular brushing also helps you connect with your kitten or cat and maintain a beautiful, tangle-free coat.

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7. How do I introduce her to my resident pets?

Make sure your new cat is disease-free and veterinarian-checked. Keep her in a separate room for several days, then let her explore privately for a while. Supervise the first meetings; some hissing is to be expected.

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