The Many Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

A Lot Less Stress

Nowadays people have a lot of stress in their lives. That's why there's no better time to be a pet owner. In fact, interacting with your pet can lower your blood pressure and help your heart health. Look no further than Jeannie Lerch Davis at WebMD who says that pet owners have "lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels". And if that's not enough reason to love your little buddy, pets also provide you with unconditional love, they won't judge you, and they thrive on human contact. It's no wonder that pet owners feel so good!

Playing with your Cat

Even though cats don't need walks, you can still get in some exercise playing with them. Try running around the room with a laser pointer as your cat elatedly tries to catch the light, or walk around with a treat tied to a fishing line, and watch as the she attempts to grab it.

Nothing to Sneeze at

Children brought up with a pet have fewer cases of asthma and less allergies, says Sid Kirchheimer from WebMD. That's a pretty nice bonus to the companionship provided by your four-legged friend. So if you have kids then that's just one more reason to get a cat.

Feel Better

Pet owners also tend to be healthier, and go to the doctor less often than non-pet owners. There are even rehab facilities and hospitals with "therapy cats", because sick people with cats around them feel more connected, and even heal faster.

It's safe to say that having a pet as a part of your family does quite a bit for your mental and physical health - just a few more reasons to love your furry friend.