Winter weather tips for cat owners

Getting Cold Feet

One of the most important things to keep in mind when taking your beloved pet outside is their feet. So what can you do to make your pet’s paws a little more comfortable out there? Well first, and most obviously, watch where you let her go. If you see a giant pile of rock salt that was put down before the last big snow storm, by all means keep your cat away from it. If your pet gets salt between her delicate pads it can be very painful. And the same goes for snow and ice. Just imagine walking around in the middle of winter barefoot and you’ll get the picture.

Cat Sweaters – Do You or Don’t You?

So it’s finally fallen below zero. And the last time you let your cat go outside you were pretty sure she was shivering. So you consider getting your pet a jacket or sweater. Is it a good idea? Sure - to a point. Your pet will be warmer when they go outside, which is great. But if they get the clothing wet it can have the opposite effect. So by all means, don’t let your kitty go out alone during winter weather!

It’s dark out there

During the dark days and nights of winter it can be really dark when you take your pet outside. So it’s important to invest in a reflective collar or even tags or leashes that light up and blink. Even if you think they might look a little silly, you’ll still feel better knowing your cat is safe out there.

The weather inside is delightful

The only respite from all that cold air outside is all that warm air inside. And though you might not think twice about it when you’re home, what about when you’re out? If you’re leaving your pet home alone for a big part of the day, do you leave the heat on? Well, you should. It’s also important to make sure that windows aren’t left wide open and that there are places around the house where the ground is a little warmer. There aren’t too many pets out there that enjoy spending the winter lying down on cold tile. Lastly, always make sure you give your pet plenty of food and water. In order to stay warm in winter, pets need more calories than they’d need otherwise.

Warm and Cozy

With the proper precautions, both you and your cat can enjoy winter without being forced to remain indoors. Of course it’s important that you don’t leave pets outside for long periods of time. Extreme weather can cause any number of ailments and a sick pet is even more at risk. So don’t be afraid of the cold this winter, just enjoy it a little bit at a time.