Canine Festivities: Including Your Dog in the Holiday Fun

With all the stress and hubbub that comes this time of year, your canine companion can get lost in the shuffle. Here’s how to share the joys of the season with your dog.

Take My Picture

Holiday family portraits would not be complete without the family’s furriest member. When you’re all gathered snapping shots, be sure to include your dog in the fun. Whether as part of the group picture or in her own solo portrait, your dog will enjoy the attention, and appreciate being part of the pack. It’s also a chance to capture her image next to the tree or by your decorated mantelpiece, or dress her up with a colorful winter scarf or hat (if she’ll stand still long enough). Got a great shot of her? Remember, this season’s photo op can be next year’s holiday card.

Treat Me Right

One of the best things about this time of year is the seasonal cuisine: roast turkey, ham, cookies, candy canes…none of which, of course, is good for your dog. But that doesn’t mean she should be left out. Keep your pet’s favorite treats on hand to both reward her for good behavior when guests are there, and help distract her from the many smells and dishes coming from your kitchen. Iams has a range of biscuits for all sizes, ages—even a Weight Control formula—as well as Tartar Treats™ that help clean teeth and freshen breath.

Another way to treat your pet is to bake your own dog biscuits and treats while you’re making your yearly holiday cookies or desserts. Recipes are easy to find online, and your dog will certainly be grateful for the delicious attention. And homemade dog biscuits make a great gift for dog-owning friends and relatives—and for your pet’s favorite wet-nosed buddies.

I’ve Been Good…Haven’t I?

Everyone else is getting presents. Why not your dog? It’s the perfect time to gift your pooch with a new coat for winter, if she needs one, or a new collar, leash or ID tag. Better yet, give your dog a toy or safe chew bone you know she’d love that can keep her busy and occupied while your holiday party is in full swing.

The best gift of all, of course, is time spent together, whether on walks, playing or just cuddling. And extra pats and lots and lots of praise will go a long way to keeping your dog happy and calm during hectic holidays.