Choosing the Right Vet for Your Dog

There's more to owning a pet than providing love, exercise and proper nutrition. Regular check ups with a veterinarian are essential to making sure your dog is as healthy as possible. However, not all vets are created equal. How can you be sure a vet is the right one for your pet?

Whether you're a first time pet-owner, or have moved and need to find a new vet, these tips will help you make the right choice.

  1. Get an opinion - A good vet will have clients that speak very highly of him or her. Take their advice and schedule an appointment to meet with the vet. After all, no opinion matters more than yours. Plus, it'll give you the chance to see the facilities and meet the staff. Expect a warm, inviting environment that will make you and your [pet] feel confident.
  2. Pay attention - In your initial consultation, listen closely to how the vet answers questions about your pet's health. Does the vet have an attitude? Just because the vet has a degree doesn't necessarily mean he/she is qualified to diagnose YOUR pride and joy. Also, ask to see the kennel areas. They should be exceptionally clean. If they're not, think twice about coming back.
  3. Go the distance - Sure, it'd be great if the perfect vet is also the closest to where you live. But sometimes that's not the case. Make sure you scope out some other vets until you feel you've found the right one. The clinic may be a few miles out of your way, but one look at your happy healthy pet should convince you that you've made the right choice.
  4. Expect service - Should you need it, ask if any emergency services are offered by the vet. Also, find out if the clinic is equipped to handle x-rays, blood work and other diagnostics. This may save you time, hassle and money.
  5. Make a decision - Choosing a vet is not something you want to put off for long, especially if you own a new pet. Remember to start with a friend or co-worker's opinion and go from there. The health of your furry friend is far too important to put off.
  6. With the right vet in your corner, you can rest assured you're doing a great job as a pet owner. Keep up the great work!