Dog Park Do's and Don'ts

Off-leash dog parks are a wonderful recreational outlet for all types of dogs. Unfortunately, not every dog park is filled with responsible owners, and a few unmannerly people can ruin the whole experience. Make sure you're not one of those humans by following these basic etiquette tips for dog parks.

Be Healthy

Never bring your sick or unvaccinated dog or puppy to a park full of other dogs. You're just asking for a rapid spread of disease, some that could be fatal. So if your dog is suffering from kennel cough, has fleas or mange or other health problems, keep him at home and isolated.

Be Clean

Make sure to pick up after your dog. Leaving piles for other dog owners to clean up is not only unforgivably rude, but could assist in the spreading of disease and intestinal parasites. Plus not cleaning up after your dog could result in your being fined and banned from the park.

Be Responsible

Always be responsible for your dog's behavior. If your dog digs a hole, fill it back in. If he can't play nicely with other dogs on that day, take him home.

Be Smart

Remember, while it's fun to bring your dog to the dog park, there are several things you should never bring, including children, female dogs in heat and other animals that aren't dogs. All of these things are disasters waiting to happen and should be avoided completely.

Remember, dog parks are a great escape for both you and your pet, but by following the proper etiquette you can be sure that it's also a great experience for everyone else