Feeding Your Adult Dog 101

The best adult dog food for, ages one to five

No two dogs are alike. So when choosing your pet's food, you'll want to take into consideration the dog's breed, size, age, weight and lifestyle. Full growth will happen at around one to two years, with the exact age determined by your dog's breed – small-breed dogs mature faster than large-breed dogs. "Grown dogs, especially ones who are more athletic, will start to eat more quantities in one feeding," says Madan Khare, D.V.M. "You want to limit his feeding to one or two times a day, depending on his activity level." Exact quantities should be determined by consulting your vet or by reading the package labels (just remember to split a daily serving in half if you choose to feed the dog twice a day).

When transitioning your dog from puppy food to premium adult food – such as Iams ProActive Health Adult Formulas – you want to do it gradually. "Never change a dog's diet abruptly," Khare says. Here's a schedule for transitioning your pet from puppy food to an adult dog food.

Day 1: Fill your dog's bowl with 75% puppy food and 25% premium adult dog food.
Day 2: Use 50% of each food.
Day 3: Feed your dog a mixture of 75% premium adult food and 25% old dog food.
Day 4: Give him 100% premium adult dog food.

Daily exercise and a diet packed with high-quality protein from chicken, lamb or fish and essential nutrients will keep him happy and healthy throughout his lifetime. Premium dry pet food has all the daily nutrition your pet needs. It helps promote healthy teeth and gums too.

"When it comes to feeding your dog human food, I have three words," Khare says. "No. No. No." Interfering with your pet's food regimen by adding higher-fat and higher-calorie human foods can disturb the animal's digestive system. When it comes to biscuits, Khare recommends looking for ones low in sugar, salt and fat. "You have to keep in mind that you're adding calories to his daily diet, so offer them in moderation," Khare says. Finally, make sure your pet has a clean bowl of fresh water at all times.

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