Joint Health for DogsThe Role of Diet

Traditionally, owners of large-breed and mature/senior dogs have known that their dogs may be predisposed to common joint and skeletal conditions-problems that may affect their mobility and overall wellness. The good news is: Specially formulated diets and dog care products can help promote skeletal and joint health and assist in maintaining healthy cartilage

Special Nutrients
Including specific nutrients in your dog's diet can help maintain healthy joints. Optimal levels of vitamins and minerals are found in Iams dog care products and promote the efficient production of cartilage.

Controlled Fat Levels
IAMS Large-Breed Adult and Active Maturity formulas are lower in fat and calories compared with our other adult maintenance formulas. Bones are the framework of the body, and the more weight added to the frame, the more stress joints experience. IAMS Formulas are designed to help keep large-breed or mature dogs at an optimal weight to minimize joint stress.

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