Pampered Pups

Deluxe bed-and-breakfast rooms. Sunny, outdoor pool. Cable television. Soft fleece bedding. Sounds like the perfect getaway. It is for your pampered pooch, that is.


These days, pet parents everywhere use services like these to show their best friends how much they love them, and it goes way beyond simple dog grooming. In Chicago's upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood, Citizen Canine Bed and Breakfast for Dogs provides day care in a cageless facility that allows dogs to play with each other all day, except at feeding time.

The playroom, with a ceramic tile floor, has chairs for dogs and small beds so little dogs can take a nap. There are also Murphy beds so larger dogs can lie down together.

"In the summer, our 1,200-square-foot courtyard holds six kiddie pools so our dogs can frolic in the water," owner Jolie Frabotta says.

Upscale B&B deluxe overnight accommodations are also available at Noah's Arf in Portland, Oregon, where owners keep the television on during the day so guests can watch Animal Planet. "We use three gates to separate our boarders in the indoor playground by personality and age," owner Kris Price says.

At Noah's Arf, your canine friend gets two daily walks, air-conditioned quarters and has tennis balls, soccer balls and even big wooden blocks for playtime. Fleece beds are provided for comfortable sleeping.

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Canine Camp

Camp Winnaribbun at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, offers three one-week sessions for dog lovers and their dogs. This 33-acre camp has its own private beach, a pine forest for walking and hiking, pet therapy, homeopathy, massages for humans and their pets, plus various campfire entertainments.

Two one-week sessions in June and August are exclusive camps for building more intimate relationships between you and your beloved pet. They accommodate up to 30 dogs.

At the September one-week session, which allows 80 dogs and their humans, a renowned world-class chef prepares your meals. Campers and their pets can sleep overnight in rustic log cabins

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Seven Ways to Pamper Your Dog at Home

Delighting your own canine pal doesn't have to cost a fortune. You're sure to thrill him with one of these ideas:

  • When you're gone, make sure he has access to his favorite toys and plenty of fresh water. You might try keeping the radio on to provide stimulation.
  • Keep him safe by a reliable identification system, whether it's a collar, microchip or both.
  • Go for a walk. The two of you will bond through this fun activity. ( Read Labs of Steel for more ideas on how to exercise your dog.)
  • Treat him like a king with Premium IAMS Dog Biscuits. It's a great way to pamper and reward him without compromising his nutritional needs or good health.
  • Try hand-knitted doggie sweaters and coordinating human accessories in unique, colorful styles from Tahnee Swanton of Cosmic Knits.
  • Bond with your best friend. Cuddle him, hold him and tell him just how special he is. Dog grooming is also a favorite to keep him looking his best. You might even get that sloppy one-of-a-kind kiss that makes coming home to him the highlight of your day.

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