American Foxhound
(AKC Hound Group)
American Foxhound
The American Foxhound is a large, handsome hound, that’s a bit taller and lighter than the English variety. The front legs are long and very straight-boned. The ears are broad and pendant, framing the face. The short, hard coat may be any color, but is most often tan or red with white trim (tail tip, legs, nose, collar, and chest), with or without a dark saddle. The head is fairly long with a slightly domed skull. The backline is slightly arched, more so than the English Foxhound. The tail makes an upward curve, like a sickle.
The American Foxhound originated when English and French hounds imported to the United States were interbred in an effort to produce a faster hound capable of starting, chasing, and killing a fox alone, or of chasing deer. The American Foxhound has an excellent nose, and is very fast when giving chase. He has great stamina for running and a musical bay. His song has even been used in some popular recordings. The American Foxhound is still primarily a hunting and field-trial dog (in packs and alone), though he has had some success as a companion dog.

Sweet, gentle, and loving at home; brave and intense in the field. Friendliness to strangers varies widely—some are very friendly; some may even be protective.