Border Terrier
(AKC Terrier Group)
Border Terrier
The Border Terrier is a small, spunky terrier with a coarse, wiry double coat. He has an "otter" head, with a somewhat short muzzle, black nose, dark eyes, and small ears that fold forward into a "V" shape. Legs are long. The tail is relatively short and tapers from a thicker base to the tip. It is carried level with the back unless the dog is very excited. The Border Terrier comes in red, blue and tan, and grizzle and tan. White on the feet is not allowed, but small patches of white are permissible on the chest. The coat usually needs stripping twice a year. Most Border Terriers are slightly heavier than the AKC standard calls for.
The Border Terrier was originally bred in the Cheviot Hills area near the border between England and Scotland to help farmers drive predatory foxes from their dens and kill them. This sturdy little fellow has long enough legs and enough stamina to keep up with a horse, even though he is quite small. The bold little Border Terrier has also been used to hunt marten, otter, and the fierce badger. Due to his winning personality, adaptability, and friendliness, the breed is highly esteemed as a companion dog today, yet he can still serve as a fine farm dog, helping to control vermin. The Border Terrier was officially recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1920 and by the AKC in 1930.
Key Facts:

Alert and lively, but mild-mannered. Loves children. Wants to please, so is relatively easy to train. A hardy, scruffy little terrier and a bold hunter. Socialize well and get puppies used to loud noises and city situations while still young to avoid excessive timidity. Will bark, but is not aggressive. Might even go home with the burglar! Puppies are very active, but they mellow as adults.