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Feeding your dog is one of the most important ways you care for them. Their diet affects everything from skin to coat, to their digestion and energy level. That’s why veterinarians recommend IAMS.

To see the difference that a healthy diet can make in your dog, try an IAMS recipe that’s tailored to their unique dietary needs, such as size, age and breed. Are you ready to See the Wow?

Veterinarians Recommend IAMS 
Healthy Digestion 

Our recipes feature a tailored blend of natural fiber from ingredients like beet pulp, and prebiotics to help support your dog’s digestion.

Healthy Energy 

Wholesome grains provide essential nutrients and carbohydrates to energize your pup.

Healthy Skin & Coat 

Omega 6 fatty acids help nourish and support your dog’s skin and coat.

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Choose the nutrition that brings out your dog’s unique best.

Find the IAMS recipe that best suits your dogs tastes, life stage, breed size and specific health needs.

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What’s in IAMS pet food?

From fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants to flavor-packed proteins, learn more about the ingredients that help bring out the best in your dog.