Our Animal Welfare Policy

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In the day-to-day development of our chocolate, gum and confection, food, drinks, and pet care products, we do not undertake, support, or sponsor studies that harm animals. This represents the vast majority of our activities and products.
On very rare occasions, we need to introduce a new raw material that has not been used in foods before. Legal and regulatory requirements compel us to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of this new raw material. In these isolated instances:
  • We may sponsor a limited number of studies involving rats, mice, fish, and other aquatic species.
  • We always meet, and in many cases exceed, the legal and regulatory requirements for the humane treatment of animals on local, state, and national levels.
  • We apply the widely accepted “3R’s” principle of replacement, reduction, and refinement* to the design of these safety and efficacy studies. This means that we look to replace animal studies with non-animal approaches that meet regulatory requirements wherever possible, ensure we only use the minimum number of animals necessary to provide scientifically valid results, and constantly review the care provided and the methods used to conduct our studies.