(AKC Toy Group)

The Chihuahua is a tiny dog with an apple-shaped head and moderately short, slightly pointed muzzle. This breed has round, large, very dark eyes, sometimes a dark ruby or luminous color. The trademark large ears should be held erect. Puppies have a soft spot or "molera" on top of the skull; bone usually (but not always) closes the gap by adulthood. The back is level, and the legs are strong and set squarely. The body is cobby (stout) and longer than tall, and the tail is sickle shaped, carried either up, out, or over the back. Besides the common shorthaired variety there is also a less common longhaired type. Colors include fawn, sand, chestnut, silver, and steel blues, but any color is acceptable, including black and tan, spotted, and brindle. The dog is more robust than he looks, with a level back and legs coming down straight and square.


The world's tiniest dog is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where they were discovered by travelers in 1850. They are far more ancient than that, however, probably dating back to pre-Columbian Indian nations, and as such may be the oldest breed native to North America. They were popularized by Xavier Cuvat, and are a constant favorite companion breed.

Key Facts:



Good companion dog, bold and saucy. Swift moving to avoid being stepped on. Strong-willed and intensely loyal. Gives and demands affection. Intelligent. Fiercely protective of his person and his turf. Responds enthusiastically to proper, gentle (positive reinforcement) training. Usually welcomes the company of another dog.