Labrador Retriever
(AKC Sporting Group)
Labrador Retriever

A solid, muscular dog, slightly longer than tall, with a short, hard, easy-care, water-resistant double coat. Comes in solid black, yellow, or chocolate. The head is broad and the muzzle fairly wide. The medium-sized ears are pendant. The nose should be black on black dogs and yellow dogs, and brown on chocolate dogs. A scissors bite is preferred. The eyes should have a kindly expression. The chest should extend down to the elbows, but not farther. The otter tail is strong, thick near the body then tapering, and completely covered with hair. The webbed feet aid in swimming.


The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in the United States. Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, the Labrador was trained to jump overboard into icy waters and haul fishermen's nets to shore. Specimens were brought to England where the Labrador's fine retrieving instincts were honed and developed. One of the best family dogs and canine companions because of his gentle, loving disposition, the highly trainable Labrador also excels in drug detection, as a guide for the blind, and as a service dog for the disabled. The breed is also an outstanding obedience and field trial competitor.

Key Facts:



Loving, lovable, and very patient. Highly intelligent, eager to please, and high spirited. Lively and good-natured. Loves to play, especially in water. Not aggressive with people or other animals. Field Labs tend to be much more high-strung and active than show Labs. A bit more dominant and independent than the Golden Retriever. Some may be reserved with strangers unless very well-socialized as puppies.