How Lamb Meal Is Used in Our Dog Food

What Is Lamb Meal?

Lamb meal is rendered lamb tissues such as skeletal muscle, some bone, and internal organs that have been dried and ground.

Skeletal muscle and internal organs are sources of high-quality protein and fats. Bone, in small amounts, is an excellent source of minerals such as calcium.


Are All Lamb Meals Equal?

No. An evaluation of typical lamb meal sources showed that the protein quality was poor when compared with egg—the protein quality standard.

Typical lamb meal might contain high amounts of wool and starch, which reduces the quality. The presence of wool might be due to poor processing techniques. Starch contamination can be attributed to the presence of grain in the stomach not removed prior to processing. In addition, the lamb-meal supply in the United States is limited and difficult to obtain.

Because The IAMS™ Company sets high standards for ingredients used in IAMS pet foods, a different source of lamb needed to be found.

The search for reliable lamb-meal sources led IAMS to suppliers in New Zealand and Australia. There, suppliers remove wool, and stomach contents before rendering. The lamb meal is then sent to the U.S. where it is refined. The result is a lamb meal that meets or exceeds IAMS high-quality standards.