White dog running in grassy field

Why Dogs Need Protein, Fat and Fiber in Their Food

Providing your dog a balanced diet of nutritious dog food will ensure they get adequate amounts of protein, fat and fiber. All three are essential to your dog’s health and happiness — and all three can be found in every IAMS™ product. Learn more about how these three vital elements can support your dog’s whole-body health.

The Unique Protein in IAMS™ Dog Foods


Protein helps keep your dog’s muscles strong.

Protein helps keep your dog’s muscles strong. It also provides the amino acids necessary to build and repair proteins in their body. Many of these amino acids must be acquired through a dog’s diet.

Recipes like IAMS™ Lamb and Rice Recipe contain animal-based proteins that provide the essential amino acids dogs need. Plus, we conduct special refining and quality assurance testing to ensure our protein sources are high-quality and highly digestible.


The Important Fatty Acids in IAMS™ Dog Foods


Fat gives your dog energy and helps nourish their skin and coat.

Fat provides energy. Your dog needs two types of fatty acids provided by their food: omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids are found in chicken fat and corn. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in ingredients like canola, fish meal or oil, and flax.


The Natural Fiber in IAMS™ Dog Foods


Fiber and prebiotics help support your dog’s digestion.

IAMS™ dog food recipes feature a tailored blend of natural fiber from ingredients like beet pulp, as well as prebiotics to help support your dog’s digestion. Research has shown that moderately fermentable fiber, such as beet pulp, enhances intestinal health.

Feeding your dog a balanced diet that contains the right amounts of protein, fats and fiber is one of the most important ways you can care for and nourish them. To see the difference a healthy diet can make in your dog, feed them an IAMS™ recipe tailored to their unique dietary needs, such as their size, age and breed. Are you ready to See the Wow?