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The Difference Between Voluntary and Mandatory Product Recalls

There is nothing that IAMS values more than the safety of your pets and the quality of our pet foods. We stand behind every ingredient in our foods and take the utmost pride in making sure they meet our exacting standards. This means that there will be times when steps must be taken to keep these standards upheld. This could result in a product recall. There are two types of recalls: Voluntary Recalls and Mandatory Recalls.

What Is a Voluntary Recall of IAMS Pet Food?

If a Voluntary Recall of Iams pet food occurs it means that our own internal standards have not been met in the production process. This does NOT mean that the formula is defective in any way. It means that we do not want to take any chances, which is why we will be proactive by voluntarily recalling a particular product line.
Current IAMS Voluntary Recalls:

What Is an Involuntary Recall of IAMS Pet Food?

If an Involuntary Recall of a pet food occurs it means that Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) standards for pet food quality have not been met, and that for the safety of all pets, a mandatory recall of that particular product line has been issued.
Current IAMS Involuntary Recalls: